An Adaptable Material for PPE Medical Gowns

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PPE is a first line of defense in the medical field – and gowns need to protect against spills, droplets, and much, much more. A multi-industry protective nonwoven – one that’s strong enough to defend against hazardous materials, but soft enough to wear for long shifts – should be able to stand up to almost anything and remain comfortable. For protection that’s tested to meet FDA and AAMI safety requirements, and that’s comfortable enough for extended use, there’s a nonwoven material that can be adapted to fit your exact use case. Take a look at what Protex™ and Bitex™ fabrics are capable of, and reach out to learn more about these materials.

What Makes ANCI Composites Unique

With decades of experience creating high-end specialty composites, we have nonwoven textiles down to a science. The components you’ll find in our Protex™ and Bitex™ fabrics come from those years of research – they’re specialty versions of our meltblown and spunbond PET and polypropylene materials.

Bitex™ 70 is a dual-layer system that provides soft comfort and breathability like cotton on the inside, and FDA level 3 barrier protection on the outside. It’s an ideal gown material for extended use.

Protex™ Lite is an economical material for standard disposable gowns and other PPE. It has strong converting capabilities, provides protection and resistance, and is price competitive against imported PPE materials.

Working with ANCI means more than finding a great, ready-made PPE material – we have manufacturing options and conversion services that will enable you to create your ideal nonwoven PPE solution.

Adding Functionality to Protex™ PPE

For washable PPE that stands up to multiple uses, and for exceptional tear resistance without compromising comfort, we’ve also created Protex™ Washable. It includes a layer made of our CLAFⓇ nonwoven mesh for added integrity. But that’s just one example of a material addition – because we manufacture Protex™ and Bitex™ fabrics ourselves, we’re able to combine them with a wide variety of materials for added functionality. Our production process and conversion services enable us to create PPE of any kind to your desired specifications. Various material qualities and style options are available, and Protex™ and Bitex™ materials are customizable right down to the color of your final product.

Uniquely Comfortable and Effective PPE Medical Gowns

For medical gowns and other PPE, Protex™ and Bitex™ are the highly-adaptable nonwoven materials that will set your product apart. Reach out to our experts to learn more about what’s possible, and find out how we can engineer a solution that fits your goals.

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