Filtration Media Solutions

Unique solutions for applications in both liquid and air filtration. Our filtration composites are engineered for high-performance filtration to ensure longevity and durability.

Our converting capabilities also allow us to develop new filtration composites to fit your specific needs and specification requirements.

Benefits of ANCI Filtration Composites

CFF™: Multilayer spunbond as compared to conventional single layer spunbond polyester:

  • More uniform since it consists of multiple layers.
  • Has better fiber tie down, so it is less prone to raised fibers caused by abrasion.
  • Has better filtration efficiency.
  • Tensile properties exceed those of spunbond.
  • Is generally stiffer than spunbond so it can be easily die cut, sewn, sonic bonded, or pleated on rotary or blade pleaters.
  • Available in weights from 20 to 200 gsm.
  • No delamination between layers.
  • Can be slit to your requirements.

HPE™: Proprietary polyethylene (sheath) and polyester (core) composite:

  • High tensile properties
  • Breathability
  • Low surface friction
  • Microbial resistance
  • Hydrophobic
  • Biologically inert
  • Non-biodegradable
  • Low friction characteristics
  • Can be sterilized by ethylene oxide, electron beam, gamma, or steam
  • Puncture resistant
  • Low linting with its continuous filament

CFF™ Filtration Media

As spunbond manufacturers increase line speeds to reduce cost, end users may notice reduced uniformity and consistency in the products.

CFF™ is a proprietary spunbond polyester product for filtration applications with improved uniformity and increased stiffness for better cutting, pleating and other processing attributes. This product comes in different weights and is available in a flat bond or point bond.

HPE™ Filtration Media

HPE™ has exceptionally high tensile properties, breathability, low surface friction, and microbial resistance. HPE™ filtration media is hydrophobic, biologically inert, non-biodegradable, and low friction. HPE™ can be sterilized by ethylene oxide, electron beam, gamma, or steam. In liquid filtration applications, HPE™ can withstand high pressures while increasing the longevity of the filter.

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