American Made Medical Gowns

Protex™material is a next-generation composite used for medical gowns and other personal protective equipment, made to fit a variety of needs in any industry. Our material is engineered with breathable comfort and protection in mind and with various style options.

 Our material is made to fit your specific needs and requirements and with our own material converting capabilities. Protex™ is just another way that we can engineer a solution to fit your goals.

Ask About Protex™

Bitex™ 70

2-layer composite comprised of a highly breathable microporous film with a “comfort layer” of spunbond polypropylene. Both materials together create thorough protection and remains comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Protection is tested to meet AAMI standards.

Protex™ Lite

Protex™ Lite is a cost-effective alternative for a disposable medical gown material that remains resistant and protective. Our material has strong converting capabilities and remains price competitive against foreign imports.

Protex™ Washable

Our washable gown material is a high-quality composite composed of 3 key materials that enhance protection and durability. Microporous film laminated with a spun-bond nonwoven combines the benefits of high breathability and comfort without compromising the level of protection provided through multiple washes.

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