ANCI Composites™ Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of materials can be made – and how custom is ANCI able to make them?

ANCI can make custom composites using nonwovens made from polyethylene (like CLAF® fabric, polypropylene (including supunbond and meltblown), polyester (ex. Milife® fabric, spundbond, meltblown, coextruded PET/PE nonwovens and others), plus films.

How are customer needs interpreted to make a product?

We can customize to meet your requirements for filtration, air permeability, strength or other properties.

Can ANCI work with outside materials?

Yes!  We can convert your materials, or combine your nonwoven or film with our own nonwovens for reinforcement or other properties to create unique composites.

Does ANCI provide toll converting services?

Yes, we can provide laminating technologies including thermal, powder or sonic bonding, customized to your requirements.